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How to port Stock/GB/CM7/CM9/ICS/CM10/JB Based ROMs

Code: /* * ~ Please READ ME ~ * * I do not guarantee any successful porting. I am not responsible * for bricked devices, dead SD cards, or a broken device. YOU are * choosing to make these modifications, and if you point the finger * at me for messing up your device, I will laugh at you. But I will try * my best to explain all the necessities, so you won't mess up your Device. * * ~ END OF AGREEMENT ~ */ Before we start, let's read the Title of this Guide. Notice it says: based
This means, if you do not have a GB/ICS/JB already compiled for your device, then this Guide is useless for you.
Android Source|Compile GB|Compile ICS|Compile JB~ Thanks dastin1015|-Building/Compiling - Durations

Before you a port a ROM, make sure you asked permission from the Developer!

This Guide applies the same principle for porting the following: Sense, Lewa OS, JoyOs, MIUI, LiGux OS, etc...
What you'll need:WinRAR/7zipNotepad++ (When developing, always use this)Android SDK (For Logcatting …

Lenovo K3 Note CMW Install and Root command line

Part One - CMW Install and Root command line 

In this thread, I'll describe a simple, fast, and definitely safer than SPFTools.
SPFTools VCOM working on ports that are not always recognized, sometimes give problems also installing special drivers, they are almost always a problem for Windowsbecause of the signatures on the driver.

Closed this little digression for information, we start with the drivers:

Quote: Driver Lenovo K3 Note + PDAnet+:!O4lmBaZa!jCUk1z...xi6TXuwcBOCv5k Install all drivers Lenovo inside. Once you finished enable the USB debugging and wait for Windowsto complete its configuration.
When completed restart the PC and install the utility on the device:

Quote: PdaNet: Be sure to restart to have all the drivers installed correctly and stay in Debug USB.
Without this included in your terminal this .zip file to obtain permits Root later:

Quote: SuperSU:!b8tSiYZJ!yr3okw...Z3VUSALqTK…


Lots of people asked me how i ported cm 12.1 from @fire855's compiled rom for kingzone k1 Turbo 
First of all huge thanks to @fire855 and other Dev who helped him for bringing cm 12.1 on mt6592 

Give support to him via pressing thanks or Donate , here is it's Link :

Requirements :
1. Stock Rom KK
2. Working Good Custom Recovery 
3. Good Porter and Mind 

Lets Start This Short Guide :

1. Download Latest Cm 12.1 from above link
2. Extract in a new folder 
3. Use this tool LInk :
unpack .dat file and copy extracted system folder in new folder as stated in step 2.
4. Using @michfood's tool (link :
change Kernel and Do necessary changes acc. to your stock's ramdisk
5. Copy new boot.img that created in step 4 and replace in new folder as stated in step 2.
6. From stock kk rom ...........extract (system/…