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Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Screen Protector, iSmooth, Ultra Clear

  • The Note 4 has a CURVED EDGE on all sides, and iSmooth has precision cut the screen protectors to fit on the Note 4 without covering any cameras, sensors, speakers or home button and so the edges don't lift and render the screen protector useless
  • iSmooth offers a lifetime warranty on all of their screen protectors; easy install, bubble free and no "rainbow" effect

  • Ultra clear, high-definition PET plastic made of the highest quality material available for any screen protectors
  • Hundreds of thousands of people have reviewed iSmooth products on Amazon.com with an incredibly high rating
  • Does not affect Stylus function (screen protector will be tacky for about 10 minutes after install, but that will go away)

Product Description

Color: Note 4 Ultra Clear
Compare The Cost: Screen Protector vs. New Samsung Galaxy Note 4

iSmooth's new Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Ultra Clear HD Screen Protectors are made from the finest Japanese PET film to protect your device from scratches and wear without sacrificing screen clarity or functionality! Over 100,000 iSmooth customers preferred the feel of an iSmooth screen protector to the actual unprotected screen. Don't miss out! iSmooth screen protectors are Ultra Clear with High Definition! Your iSmooth screen protector is guaranteed for the life of your device. iSmooth will send you a complimentary replacement in the unlikely event that you encounter issues. No distortion, No "rainbow" effects, and No cloudy opacity will prevent you from seeing the Note 4's beautiful display with its High Definition screen clarity.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Ultra Clear HD Screen Protector by iSmooth Kit includes:

- iSmooth's Lifetime Replacement Warranty
- Three Ultra Clear HD Screen Protectors Precision-Cut for your phone
- A large, high-thread-count Microfiber Cleaning Cloth
- Four useful Dust-Removal Stickers
- 1 Installation Instructions card with a link to iSmooth's step-by-step installation tutorial videos for perfectly and easily installing your iSmooth screen protector

Replacing The Touchscreen Is Time-Consuming and Expensive Don't put yourself through the hassle and stress of leaving your phone at a repair shop for a few days or, worse, mailing it off for a week or more! Rest easy with dependable and affordable screen protection from iSmooth. The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Ultra Clear HD Screen Protector by iSmooth is precision cut to fit the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 only and is not compatible with other models.


Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Screen Protector, iSmooth, Ultra Clear 

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