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How to Wipe MTK Android To AT Debag Mode How To Enable Debag From Lock Phon

How to Enable Debag From Lock Phone
(Only MTK Android)

1st Off your Phone & Go device Manager
Now Disconnect From PC
Now Press Boot Key & Power Then Connect Usb
Press Until Show On device Manager ADB Interface

Note - If you Don't Know Boot Key
You can Press Volume Up & Down & Power
Also All Key (With Home) & Power

When You Will See ADB Interface On device Manager Then Release All Key

Now Your Phone Connected On ADB Mode

Now Do Root If you Want
After Root You Can Do Reset Lock Or Wipe
For Root Better V root

Note - Some time after reset Gmail < But Still Lock

So Now You Need Wipe
By One

How To PD SC6820 & SC8810 Full Backup Firmware

Hello there,

Today I will teach you how to make a full backup of your Spreadtrum phone !

This tutorial may also work on several other phones.

CWM can make a nearly full backup of your Spreadtrum, but it's not enough unfortunately.

Android is compartmented in 4 main partitions. You have theses partition:
* boot - It contains the Linux kernel
* System - It contains Android
* Recovery - It contains the recovery system, CWM if you installed it.
* DATA - It contain your personal datas, and should not be published online if you share your backup online.

But Android is one thing, your phone also have a lot of bios, firmwares, and bootloaders. Theses are not saved by traditional backup utilities such as CWM.

Theses partitions includes:
* UBoot - Very important, this thing is the low level bootloader. It starts Linux !
* Modem Firmware - used to dial with your GSM provider
* DSP Firmware - Make video playback smoother using DSP resources.
* NV - It's some kind of encryption k…

China phone Hardware and Software F.A.Q

Q1. What is format ffs?
It is the arrangement of data To comply with the phone.
After format ffs phone gets it's default state,all the user data gets delete and bug/viruses are removed.

Q2. What are different types of flashes?

Q3. How many different CPU's are there in China phones ?
A.different CPUs and flash types (MTK , SPD Spreadtrum, TI Texas Instrument, Skyworks, AD Analog Device, Infineon)

Q4. Can we list Cpu types?
CPU type

More types

6800..... etc.

Q5. What is NAND and NOR?

i)NOR:.Intel introduced the first commercial NOR type flash chip in 1988.NOR-based flash has long erase and write times, but provides full address and data buses, allowing random access to any memory location.

ii)NAND:.NAND is the 2nd type of flash . It has faster erase and write times, and requires a smaller chip area per cell .Tt also has up to ten times the endurance of NOR …