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HTC Updates and installed the Hboot partition method

All primary partitions: (system.img) (recovery_signed.img) (boot_signed.img) (userdata.img) (hboot_xxxxxx.img)
You can also individually, through Hboot install. As follows:
According to the image, enter your flasher.

Hboot Update options to choose from.
Img file you want to select.
In the Start Options section, click Save to File. After a few moments you a zip file with the name Model ID appears, save it.

All files are saved to the memory card to the phone memory, and with the volume down and power button, move the phone to hboot mode. After the file has been loaded on the phone, if the phone is S-OFF file is installed on the phone.
Flash Phone option if you are using the phone at full turn, is connected. This option automatically performs all the operations.

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