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HTC R-Key Tutorials & Manuals

R-Key Tutorials & Manuals
Installation and commissioning procedures:

IR-Key dongle driver does not need to connect the usb port is automatically installed immediately. After connecting the dongle to install the program to install any drive that you want to choose the best program that you install on each drive is an independent folder.
After installation, the program provides IR-Key icon on the desktop, run it. After opening the app for the first time will ask you to register your application is active.
After registering, close the program and run it again. The program is now available and ready to work.

Program update method:
Make sure your system is connected to the Internet.
Now run the program, and then run the Update menu, and select Options Update IR-Key as shown.

Wait a bit until the updates appear in the list, and then select and check the desired options, click on the Update button. Note that you can not pick Important Updates to the program regardless.

When all files have been downloaded, it is enough to close the program and run it again, so updates will be applied to the program.

Method of downloading files from the server:

The first Rom Downloader / FTP go.

With this option, the following window opens:

Here's a few you can access your files.

  1. Number of PN phone use. Number PN, PN enter the back label of the phone, then press the GO button. ROM files, in accordance with your phone in time.
  2. The model name of the device in the Model, and the CID or your ROM version, on the right side of the button, then click Go. File, the CID version will be available.

In the internal, the required files are public for HTC phones. You can get them straight.
In the external, ROM files for all phones of Android and Windows Mobile, and has put all the files you need

After you select the files you added to the download section. Go to the Download option to download files.

A new product for the repair of IR-Key dongle software for mobile platforms (Android, Windows Mobile, Windows Phone 7 and Linux) is., I decided to work with a product total comprehensive training for users to easily adjust being, but reached the conclusion that most users have little or no familiarity with basic operating system, or are familiar with it sporadically.
There is one important point is that, as long as users do not have the basic knowledge of the subject, it is best not to use any product in this field, because the devices are ruining the chances are high, it is also work slowly progress.
In the first step, you complete the OS, ROM, partitions, operating systems, communication devices, and ... We advise.

Mobile phones are undoubtedly the most important part of the operating system. After turning off the phone first thing and last thing you see before the operating system is shut down, it will be seen, the system is operating. Operating system software that provides the ability to run all applications. Operating system to organize, manage and control to optimize hardware resources and provides targeted them. Philosophy of hardware and operating system correctly interprets multiple possibilities in this direction are essential for life and other applications installed on the device provides.
System is a very long discussion, I will briefly explain some of it to reach main content.

According to almost all the features that are mobile (eg camera - Record streaming audio and video - color screen, etc.) may be the most important category called Phone operating system.a simple platform like Java or Blackberry uses...
The lower branches of a group that we call the operating system are:
  • Android OS
  • Windows Mobile
  • Palm OS
  • Linux OS

Here we get into the issue of HTC phones operating system, because it is the first dongle that supports this phone.
All HTC phones with 4 OS is released
  • Android OS
  • Windows Mobile
  • Windows Phone 7
  • Brow Phone OS

The rooms are in two ways.
1 - rom original and official
2 - ROMS or custom made

The original and official rooms:
These are the same ROM, the HTC company offers them, which is also divided into two categories.

  1. The official ROM (exe). If the original ROM zip file is placed inside, and the implementation file in Android (rom.zip). Inside the Windows Mobile (RUU_signed.nbh) is installed on the phone. This rom with the RUU starts.
  2. The main extension ROM zip. (Only on Android phones) are phones that have all the files in different partitions, and the different ways it can be installed on the phone. The rooms also called OTA. The rooms with the OTA begins.

Before using any ROM, you should be aware of its characteristics. All details in the text, there are definite ROM.
Writing of all these operating systems are similar. A key point is that users should take note, this is a definite structure and Ram know in writing, at any time and in a position to take advantage of.
As mentioned in writing of any operating system on any ROM with HTC phones is one. The text is presented with every ROM represents the version number, device name, geographic location, type of service, type language, version, radio and in some versions of Android.

For example, the ROM is a type of mobile phone use

  • RUU show, which is executive official ROM.
  • in the name of the device to the original factory name is displayed.
  • Client company name suggests. Here is named HTC Corporation, companies are able to O2, Orang, Vodafone or any company that is dedicated to the ROM.
  • represents the geographic area in which the ROM area supports. If there be in the WWE words, this is indicates that this ROM is a large area of the Earth, which supports multiple countries. Can now Eastern Europe, Western Europe, Asia or parts of Asia that is WWE.

Sometimes, instead of a particular country to display the options. For example Choices UK (Great Britain) RU (Russia) FR (France) ARA (Arabic countries of the Middle East). The best thing is that it can be picked up here, is that we can see the Ram CID detected, which we'll discuss it again.
  • This section shows the ROM version, (it does not show the type and version of Android, named after some of the ROM device, the Android version is specified). This option is probably the most important part of the ROM, it should look more into it, because there is more information in the ROM.
  • X.XX.XXX.X In this section, X.XX indicates that what is your ROM version. XXX indicates the type of language, geographical area, type of CID.

  • Radio ROM version displays.
  • a most important point is that the profile of a ROM, and users should be aware of it, is this. Except as noted below, CID is the most important part of this.

CID = Certificated ID number issued certificate or number of buyers. The meaning of the word itself. HTC phones now in post-production, the ordering of countries and regions, type of ROM installed on your phone, which is just for them.
Simply put, any company or country can order the phone, HTC software locks installed on the phone. Any person who fails to install the ROM on the phone. As a result, when they want to update the phone, you must find and install a ROM that is compatible with your phone's CID.
Knowing the type of CID that is relevant to this section is mandatory. Benefits, finding a fast ROM for your phone, and high speed operation. Not knowing if you should try all the ROMS on the phone, so maybe one will be installed on the phone.
As pictured above, the 5 and 4 are both dependent on each other, that way if section 4 (Asia_WWE), then Section 5 must also be 707. Similarly, if the first (ARA), the second part is 415.
So the following equation, identify the CID of these two options, option 5 if the number was 707, CID HTC__044 your phone should be, or if it was 415, CID is your phone HTC__015.
This is a difficult task remembering CID, therefore embedded in different parts of the program, users can easily both phones CID, and the CID recognize the ROM.

As you see in the picture, then select the model, Useful Tools, and select Options Diag.

The Download ROM, you come across the image above. As you can see. Enter the name and version of the CID, ROM is available to you, and you can download it.
The way **** was said to be available when the phone rom, rom matching CID sometimes unavailable, or no need to have another ROM which supports different languages and geographies, on the phone we installed.
The need to change the CID, CID or removing, we will treat the topic SuperCID.

Super CID
As each handset is 8 characters or ORANG012 CID HTC__001 was told that the issue before the Rami shall CID CID phone, but if you wish to use any ROM installed on your phone, you need the Super CID your phone, in other words, the lock Pick up the phone now. So you need to do to become CID phone 11111111, 11111111 result that figure into the SuperCID say any CID. Android phones make it S-OFF to say (S-OFF the phone is not on the phone is inevitable, Super CID) and a series of Windows phones called it the Hard SPL.
It offers a lot of applications and products, some free, and some cost less, such products XCTClip, who had a best time, and then stopped, the low number of other products such as LGTOOLS new phones supports, it also has some weaknesses, including the need to be perfect on the phone, XCTClip was good, would unlock the phone in Hboot mode. Other products that perform this function, such Baks•hayy, Jtag do that act, but the act requires that the hardware be done on the phone, and the risk is high.
R-Key's lots of Handset Super CID, and S-OFF, which is included in each module of the phone, the phone number should be a number of Hboot, and a few of my recovery, which training is specific.
One of the unique features of the program is used, it is replaced by CID.
This feature allows you, in contrast, SuperCID, you must unlock the phone, CID phone, according to CID-ROM. In this section you will be able to build Gldkart phones, you can do so, a series of new devices will be added in the future, but there is a possibility for all phones, but only the ones that you can do to make a Goldcard.

Put the memory card reader into RAM, then click Make cid Card, Diag file is created on the memory card in a few moments.
Move the memory card into the phone, then pressing the power button, volume down and the phone goes into Hboot menu. Now wait until the file is loaded into memory, now after going through a few menu compiled a list of the CID.
Choose your CID, then turn on the power, CID shortly after the phone is changed.
Of course, the next major version, CID change completely automated. It also supports all new models.
NOTE: If the error message you get better, before it can GoldCard memory card. This is made possible with the program, even if you XCTClip, it can be done.


One of the ways we can install the ROM on the phone, he is making GoldCard. GoldCard making any type of ROM can be installed on any phone with a different CID. This feature is included in the program, you can do it two ways.
The first method:

As you can see in the picture, then plug the phone in and identify it, press "Old Method” Press. These techniques to handsets that its version is less than 2.3.4.
For phones with older versions, the 2.3.5 button “New Method” to use.

Second method:

As you see in the picture, then select the model, the (Useful Tools and select Options CWM.'s Custom recovery procedure must be installed on the phone. Formatted memory card into your phone, your phone in state recovery, use the USB cable to connect it, wait about 30 seconds to fully connect handset. now button make (press, after a few moments GoldCard is made.

Note that this method works on versions 2.3.5 and 2.3.4 completely, but it should be tested on older versions.

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