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Basic Learning about Flashing HTC Mobiles

As this brief tutorial has been taken from another source. but I have never seen such info at one place which is great and good for all new beginners as per me I face alot of problems in flashing HTC mobiles so after reading it atleast I found where I always do mistakes. So this is actually about GPG new project named as "IR-Key" . As this project was under another developer from Iran (do Google ) and now it is undertaken by GPG . In this tutorial you will see that everything has been mentioned according to its software but those functions which has been performed in like writing CWM ( Clockwork mode recovery) it can be write through adb or fast boot, Zip can be put on sd card, Roms you can find them easily on Shipped-roms . And many other things can be performed easily.. But see such product and its easily GUI (Graphic User Interface) has never been introduced about HTC mobiles as you can say Easy flashing for HTC mobiles with this dongle as it has not been seen yet.And it deserve to be purchased . Now lets proceed to brief tutorial about HTC Flashing the basics ....
Note All credit goes to perspolis ( i think he is main coder of that project)

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