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MTK Droid Tools 2.5.3 Latest version MT6592 Support

Newest version of MTK Droid Tools is out. Now with MTK6592 support
Inspired by NexusTrix backup tutorial, I decided to take the time to write out a 'what is MTK Droid Tools for beginners'. If anyone has anything to add, please add on to the thread.

If you're new to the scene, you might not know what MTK Droid Tools is. It's a tool for your MT6592, MT6582, MT6589T, MT6589T, MT6577, MT6575, MT6572 and most any relatively modern MTK CPU / SoC.

Just some of the things MTK Droid Tools is capable of:

MTK Droid Tools includes an ADB shell
From here you can access and send commands to your phone via PC. An example of how this might come in handy is if you edited/swapped your build prop and forgot to change to proper file permissions. An example is here with a few of the basic commands. This is just a basic example. Many things can be done.

Backup your MTK firmware
Very important for anyone who's about to flash a new ROM and doesn't have access to a backup. Sometimes the reason can be the manufacturer hasn't released the firmware yet. Possibly you have a no-name brand phone you want to try and modify. Maybe a friend has the exact same phone and needs your firmware. NexusTrix backup tutorial.

Create CWM custom recovery for your MTK phone
Another necessary tool within MTK Droid Tools repertoire is the ability to process a CWM for your phone. Most name brand phones have people who have already created CWM. However, it's often the case that the phone may be too new, or you may have a phone that it's impossible to find CWM for. In comes MTK Droid Tools to do the job. There are a couple of tutorials on how to do this.

Process your backup for SP Flash Tools
Another great tool is SP Flash Tools. This software allows us to flash our phones with ROMs from our PC. MTK Droid Tools will process your backup and prepare it for SP Flash Tools (also included as part of NexusTrix backup tutorial)

Find your phone's true hardware specifications

Often unscrupulous manufacturers will fake the CPU version on the phone. Making it show MTK6589, or MTK6592, when in reality the phone is a MTK6577 or MTK6575. MTK Droid Tools will tell you in the front page your phone's true SoC. It will also tell you your phone's LCD driver IC and uboot build V, as well as common information such as baseband version and kernel version.

Write your IMEI. MTK Droid Tools again to the rescue
If for some reason you've lost your IMEI, you can attempt to use MTK Droid Tools to write IMEI to your phone.

Delete the Chinese apps
Some firmwares come full of what I guess the manufacturer's and firmware developers feel are important. Most of it's junk to non-Chinese Nationals. MTK Droid Tools will go through and rapidly delete the known China junk apps from your phone with the click of a button.

Build a scatter
What's a scatter file? A scatter is a small text file that tells SP Flash Tools exactly where to flash various parts of the ROM onto your smartphone's storage. It's important that you use a scatter file for your phone. Many MTK phones with the same SoC (system on chip) have the same scatter file, but it's not always the case. It's best practice to use the scatter file created for your phone.

Link to newest MTK Droid Tools

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Hoping some of the more knowledgeable members will contribute some Abouts / How-To's / Tutorials . From the most basic to the most advanced is very welcome. Cheers

Download Link - http://ge.tt/2P16x3G1/

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