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How To Unlock & Root Huawei Ascend Y300

Huawei Ascend Y300 Unlock & Root [How To / Tutorial]

This great little Android 4.1 smartphone has been released to the German market a week ago. At a price tag of merely 150,00 Euro, it's a steal.

But no fun without root, right ?

Now, Huawei locks and secures the bootloader, which makes flashing a custom recovery impossible without messing with the bootloader code itself.

Luckily, i found out that you can request a bootloader unlock-token on the Chinese Huawei website. After unlocking with

fastboot oem unlock XXX16-digits-codeXXX
we can flash a china-made (aka chinese-language only) ClockworkMod v6.1, that has been compiled for the Y300. After installing SuperSU from CMW, you GOT ROOT.

I have written an extensive dummy-style tutorial on my tumblr blog. Unfortunately, the forum wont let me post outside links. Please go to this URL:


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