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JellyBean 4.1 Discussion official [XWLSW]

XWLSW link: http://samsung-updates.com/device/?id=GT-I9100

Old News
I will start a discussion about JellyBean (Android 4.1) so that our forum will not be cluttered with JB stuff.
Although i was late in viewing the live stream of google i/o i found this info over at phonearena. Jellybean will remove lag on devices that will run it? If so it would be cool to have it on our device (even though i only experience micro stutter lag). Hope it removes those little lag i experience sometimes.

Source: http://www.phonearena.com/news/Andro...to-lag_id31659

Do you think our device will get updated to JellyBean? My personal opinion is yes because it is just a point release not a major overhaul of the OS. Maybe it will be less hassle to developers on porting it from ICS to JB than from GB to ICS (since this one is a major update). What do you guys think? Will it finally remove the micro lags we are experiencing or will it just be another android update without much improvement?

Development Thread
User Discussion Thread
OTA update to GNex is out. For those devs interested here is the link.
JellyBean SDK System Dump: Here is the link
Here is a little video presentation: link
Here is a pocketnow preview of JellyBean running on an emulator: link
Pocketnow presentation for JellyBean on the Galaxy Nexus: link
The first leak for GT-i9100 is here! Click on the link to get it link
Current Tweet from Sammobile saying S2 JB update will be delayed till November. Here is the link
Good news! Sammobile confirms 100% that Samsung Galaxy S2 will get JellyBean. This time, it's REAL. Here is the link to the news.
Old Twitter news confirming Samsung Galaxy S2 will get JellyBean. Here is the link
Sammobile has good news for us. Check it out!: link
Here is a news confirming that CM team is working on our phone: link
What do you think about sammobile's tweet guys?: link

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