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Android Super ADB Tool Full Free

I proudly present you my first project exclusive for XDA, named "Super ADB Tool".
It makes ADB much easier to control, without these annoying command lines.
If you just want to upload a file to your device or use the sideload of your recovery, this tool is for you!
This is a Alpha versions probably with minor bugs, such as freezing. But with a little of your help, I can improve this tool and make it even better!
Android Super ADB Tool Full Free

The tool supports tons of functions, such as:
  • Show current attached devices
  • Upload a file to the device (adb push)
  • Download a file to your computer (adb pull)
  • Reboot directly to recovery
  • Reboot directly to bootloader
  • Upload a file to sideload
  • Remount partitions to RW with one click
  • Connect devices over TCP/IP
  • Restart ADB server with one click
  • Create and export logcat to desired locations
  • Install a APK
  • Uninstall a APK
  • Show current ADB version
  • Show online changelog of this tool
Android Super ADB Tool Full Free 1

2014-03-29 [0.3 Alpha]
* Fixed a error by deleting custom names
* Included a cancel button to kill long threads (Maybe a little buggy)

2014-03-29 [0.2 Alpha]
* You can now give a name to your device
* You can now use your own ADB folder
* Fixed Logcat creation

2014-03-29 [0.1 Alpha]
* Initial release
Download android adb Here
..:: Version 0.3 Alpha ::..

..:: Version 0.2 Alpha ::..

..:: Version 0.1 Alpha ::..

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