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SRSRoot New FREE Root tool for most Android phones / tablets

Today we launched an public beta for our new free root tool called SRSROOT

This software contains multiple exploits and support a lot of android phones and other Android Devices for Root / TempRoot/ and UnRoot

Download latest version from SRS One Click Root for Android

Please also post your results here, so we can improve the software

do not make any hotlinks to the software, as it's updated on regular base
and old links will not work if a net version is released.

Version 3.2 is online for testing (now more than 1000 phones rooted with SRSRoot betas)

Whats new:
• Added 2 additional methods for LG Rooting
• Fixed bug in offset readout
• Added FastRoot method for mempodroid exploit (2b)
• Some small changes and improvements 
• Fixed SuccessRate counter on website

Download latest version from SRS One Click Root for Android

Some Logs

 ---= SRS One-Click-Root =---

21:04:38 - Starting ADB Server..
21:04:41 - Manufacturer: samsung
21:04:41 - Model: GT-I9000
21:04:42 - Android Version: 2.2
21:04:42 - Build ID: FROYO
21:04:42 - Board ID: GT-I9000
21:04:42 - Chipset Platform: s5pc110

 ----= Start Rooting Process.. Please Wait =----

21:04:43 [+] Testing exploit: root1 (Please wait some minutes)
21:04:48 [+] root1 Exploit Succesful, Restarting ADB Service...
21:04:52 [+] Remounting /system Filesystem as R/W..
21:04:53 [+] Installing Busybox to device (temporary)..
21:04:57 [+] Removing old SuperUser stuff..
21:04:57 [+] Installing SU Binary...
21:04:58 [+] Installing SuperUser APK...
21:05:00 [+] Remounting /system Filesystem as R/O..

21:05:00 [+] Rooting Complete !


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