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unlocker and jailbreak app for I PHONE 4, 5 New Update

This exclusive program happened to me my brother (working in a company release mobile) is the IOS xTreme Jail Unlocker for Windows, and Free! you can release both iphone 4 and 5 and iPad 2, 3 and 4, only need to connect the USB cable, the program is developed by and for specialists mobile release, is developed to save time and work of technicians as only need a few minutes for the whole process.

This program has the advantage that it also allows the Cydia Jailbreak instalandote, but that is optional, it is essential to make the jailbreak, you have two options.

xtreme ios.jpg

It is valid for all versions of IOS available until May 2013 (my brother told me that also releases the latest 6.1.3). I tried the free option with the untethered jailbreak in the same process and it works perfectly, I guess the separate release option will work too. Now I will tell their impressions.

Download xTreme Jail Unlocker

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