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Samsung android PC Suite and firmware update tool

Samsung Kies is Samsung's own program to sync your mobile device. You can also use Samsung Kies to buy applications or to update your device. SamMobile always tracks Samsung Kies for the latest available updates. By following @SamKiesUpdates on twitter you will know when a update is available trough Samsung Kies or OTA (Over The Air) services. 

Download Samsung Kies Here: Below a couple of highlights from Samsung Kies. Remember to follow @SamKiesUpdates on twitter to know when there is a update available for your device!
Sync your content wirelessly! No cables required. Just connect your device or tablet to any wireless network and tell Kies to sync your music, photos, and videos. You can even create playlists in Kies and instantly enjoy them on your device. What could be more convenient?


Get the latest firmware updates! Kies is the easiest way to ensure your device or tablet to always be updated with the latest firmware, keeping your device as fresh as it can be.


Sync your contacts with Outlook, Google or Yahoo! Want to import all your email contacts onto your device or back them up? Kies can sync with Outlook, Gmail and Yahoo! - the most widely-used email applications. You can also add and edit new contacts directly in Kies.


Make playlists and sync content between your mobile device and PC.
 Carry your favourite music everywhere with you.


Use Kies on your Mac! The Mac version of Kies is now available! Manage your Windows or Android device the easy way on your Mac computer



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