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step by step Manual i9105 (P) Galaxy S2 Plus [Root]

How to Root I9105 / I9105P Galaxy2 PLUS -
STEP BY STEP rooting manual for GSM-Hosting users

Just follow this simple steps:

1. Step

- Download Samsung USB drivers ----> Click HERE
- Download ODIN 3.04 from ----> Click HERE

- Download CWMtouch-i9105_chotu.tar.md5.zip recovery image from here ------> Click HERE!
for other type fw (Indian) download this recovery image ---> Click HERE!
- Download SuperSu Last version ----> Click HERE

2. Step

- Turn off phone, then switch to download mode:
press together [volume down]+[home button]+[power button] (all at once),
press [volume up] for comfirm download mode.
- Connect usb cable, install drivers.

3. Step

- Run Odin 3.04, ticked 2 option F.reset times+auto reboot,
- Extract CWM-touch_i9082_chotu.tar.zip !Select PDA and browse to where you have extracted CWM-touch_i9105_chotu.tar.md5 or CWM-touch_i9105_Indian_chotu.tar.md5
and select it

4. Step

- Odin should show device under 1 of ID:COM port.(if this not happends repeat from STEP 2)
- Press START.
- Phone should power on after flashing complete.

5. Step - ROOTING:

- Copy Downloaded SUperSU to externel sdcard (NOT INTERNAL ! )
- Power off your phone, after press [Vol up] + [Power] + [Home button] (all at once)
- SelectInstall zip from sdcard --->choose zip from sdcard ---> scroll down and select Fix Recovery.zip and
again choose zip from sdcard and flash UPDATE-SuperSU-v1.05.zip

Done ! And you are ready to go

thanks goes to chotu.

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