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How to update I9300 firmware without imei or network damaged

Many users face network or imei problem after upgrading their phones to a new version of android os.So here is a guide for upgrading I9300 without any problem.

P.S: This guide is for imei changed I9300.

Q: My phone version is 4.0.4 can i jump direct to 4.1.2?

A: yes, there is no problem to jumping to newer version.

Q: my phone is rooted, may i lose root data after using this guide?

A: No you will not lose your root using this method.

Q: I have many personal data in my phone may i lose them after upgradeing to new os?

A: No, you will not lose any data from phone after upgrading.

Q: Can ı downgrade my I9300 using this guide?

A: No, this guide is only for upgrading to new version.


Whitch tools are required for this method?

1.Any software tool (have to use .TAR file for flashing) E.x: Nspro box or odin.

2.Odin service software (for who doesnt have any tool box)

3.Alzip program for edit flash file.

4.Lastest version stock rom for I9300 (Lastest relase is 4.1.2)


1.Open flash file with alzip u will see some files named modem, hidden, etc. delete only modem part and save it alzip will automaticlly compress the file again.

2.open ns pro or other tool ,select flash file and start flashing.

3.After flash done just control phone version and enjoy it.

this method tested by me many times, so feel free to ask any question about any problems.

Download links:

Odin flasher
I9300 flash file

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