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Here is a comprehensive list of HTC Models and the names rom

HTC Amage 4G PH85IMG.zip
HTC Aria(Liberty) LIBEIMG.zip
HTC ChaCha PH06IMG.zip
HTC Desire PB99IMG.zip
HTC Desire HD(Ace) PD98IMG.zip
HTC Desire S(Saga) PG88IMG.zip
HTC Desire V PL11IMG.zip
HTC Desire Z(Vision) PC10IMG.zip
HTC Dream(G1) DREAIMG.zip
HTC Droid2 Verizon(VivoW) PG32IMG.zip
HTC Droid DNA PL83IMG.zip
HTC Droid Eris PB00IMG.zip
HTC Espresso PB65IMG.zip / ESPRIMG.zip
HTC Evo 3D PG86IMG.zip
HTC Evo 4G PC36IMG.zip
HTC Evo Shift 4G PG06IMG.zip
HTC EvoView 4G PG41IMG.zip
HTC Explorer PJ03IMG.zip
HTC Flyer PG41IMG.zip
HTC myTouch 4G(Glacier) PD15IMG.zip
HTC Incredible HD(Mecha) PG05IMG.zip
HTC Incredible S(Vivo) PG32IMG.zip
HTC Inspire 4G PD98IMG.zip
HTC Jewel PJ75IMG.zip
HTC JetStream PG09IMG.zip
HTC Legend LEGEIMG.zip
HTC Magic(Sapphire) SAPPIMG.zip
HTC Merge(Lexicon) PD42IMG.zip
HTC Mini PB92IMG.zip
HTC One S PJ40IMG.zip
HTC One X PJ83IMG.zip
HTC One V PK76IMG.zip
HTC Paradise PC49IMG.zip
HTC Passion(Google Nexus One) PASSIMG.zip / PB99IMG.zip
HTC Radar PI06IMG.zip
HTC Rezound PH98IMG.zip
HTC Rhyme PI46IMG.zip
HTC Salsa PH11IMG.zip
HTC Sensation PG58IMG.zip
HTC SensationXL PI39IMG.zip
HTC Surround PD26IMG.zip
HTC Tatoo(Click) CLICIMG.zip
HTC Vivid 4G PH39IMG.zip
HTC Wildfire PC49IMG.zip
HTC Wildfire ADR6225 PD06IMG.zip
HTC Wildfire S PG76IMG.zip

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