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succesfully repaired-no imei , wifi, bluetooth on 3g and 3gs

hello respected all the members of gsmhosting family , first of all i feel sorry , if somebody not like my post, but hope u all will understand .

hello friends , i made an experiment on iphone 3g , at starting the version of iphone 3g was 3.1.2, i jailbreaked it with redsn0w by selecting 4.1 , then its got hanged, then i flashed it with version 4.1(custom) and flashed ipad baseband and again i flashed it with version 4.2.1 (official) after doing this iphone comes in recovery mode then i again flashed it with 4.2.1(custom) , after that the phone goes on but it has no imei, wifi, and bletooth adress , now i have a phone without imei , wifi address and bluetooth adress

at this point i use this trick, i again flashed it with ipad baseband with redsn0w0.9.6b6, and agin restore it with custom firmware (4.2.1)

and w***** , the imei, wifi , bluetooth adress came back, and set works again fine,

at this point i think that it is done by only my luck nothing else,

then i decide to take risk with iphone 3gs , my heart beat was very fast during this experiment , but i again found success in iphone 3gs too , so i came to this conclusion

conclusion:- i found that when iphone has no imei, wifi,bletooth adress due to flashing with ipad baseband by redsn0w , it can be recovered by flashing it official baseband( 5.16 etc) , but we all know that at this time we have only option of ipad baseband (6.15) in redsn0w. so we have to tell to great redsn0w team to please add option to flash original baseband only , we know that we cant downgrade baseband , but we can update that,

so those who have lost imei ,wifi,bluetooth adress on infenion chip based iphone by flashing ipad baseband with redsn0w, they can recover their phone by flashing baseband(original) only or we can say default baseband of infenion chip

but at this time no option is available for flashing only baseband, so we have to wait untill the great great engineers made way for that,

i know some people will not like this thread , it should be fake , but friends i only share here the idea which i personally experienced , hope it helps somebody ,

i am soryy and thankful also

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  2. So i was searching for solution and i landed up here .ill be really great full if someone can help me find solution or at least come to a conclusion ..

    Few months back My i phone got wet and i lost backlight but i continue to use it and few months later i left my phone in charging mode for like 3 days ..battery swollen ..so i left using it ...After few months i decided to repiar it ..i looked out for some information and i found out that ill need a new battery and 6R8 coil ...I bought both and went to a repair shop ...that guy took 50$ (3000 INR ) and fixed it ..i was happy ..my phone worked ..everything was fine ..but a day later when i tried to upload song using itune ..something went wrong and the carrier symbol lost IMEI GONE BLUETOOTH , WIFI everything was either N/A or 0000000000 ..I went back to the repair shop and that guy told me i must have messed it up using some faulty software ..and he cant repair it anymore ..he advised me to goto apple service center .i came back home tried google and i found out that it cannot be repaired but in this page i see many people having same issue ........Is there a chance i can repair it ?????????? what do i need to do

    I have IPHONE 3GS
    version 4.1(8B117)
    MODEL : MB717LL
    SERIAL NUMBER : 5K0217*****
    WIFI : N/A

    BLUETOOTH " 00:00:00:00:00:00