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Microsoft Office Launching in March for iOS & Android update

Microsoft office has become unavoidable part of corporate sector in the world. As the world is going to converge in Smartphone hence its manufacturers are trying their level best to enhance their sale and keep the ball rolling. Here the war of survival has set in the world of technology, only he will survive who will compete and cater the needs of users.
 Peter Bobek, Production Manager at Microsoft, has just unleashed that in March 2013, app version of MS Office will be available both for Android and iOS. Czech Republic team of Microsoft verified this statement that app version for Android and iOS is on the way of manufacturing and soon it will be released. Bobek further added that 365 office services as well as more office products would be launched both for mobile phone and tablets as well.
Many other Smartphone manufacturers are in queue to get benefited from app Office 2013 within a short span of time including Symbian, Mac OSX, Windows Phone and Windows RT.
It was further highlighted in this release that another rocking version of Office Web Apps is also under the process of accomplishment which is said to be beneficial for iPad too. It was also claimed that consumers would be able to have access to Office 2013 in February 2013.
Microsoft has taken this step for the best interests of Smartphone users who spend a lot and get partial but in this case the share of reward from Smartphone will be increased immensely. It will set in a new phase of corporate and personal communication allowing a huge mobile force to be connected with Smartphone, iPads and iPods as well leaving their PC aside.
A strong communication group for technology news in America has contradicted this information as it is not true. The eyes of touch pad world are set towards Microsoft whether they fulfill their demands or not. The facts of this information will surface with in no time. Let know whether the expectations of users come true or not.

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