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How to Delete & Clear Search History

Good Will of a brand takes a lot of time to develop and huge amount of money and others things are consumed to get it. Once Good Will is developed, it can cash its input very easily. Same is the case here with Google’s Android Market which has replaced with Android Play. It is incredible that how a seasoned team of Google can make this decision which goes against their corporate objectives.
 Google Play is enriched with a lot more features that fascinate its users but here we would like to mention a specific one that is saving of browsing history so that if you have search again the same, it becomes so easier for next time. It is said that sometimes it is useful and otherwise it becomes boring and hectic activity. There are different opinions about it.
When you feel that your Google Play store is not responding properly, then you have to apply a certain settings for it on your android. Don’t be worried about if your Android Google Play Store is over fluxed with searches, you simply search the history and delete it as follows:

Open the Android Play Store from Your Android.
Jump to Main Manu and find settings.
Finally, hammer the clear search history option and you will be astonished that the work has been done and now your Android is feeling happy and light.
Now you can go to new searches on Play Store with comfort.

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