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Volcano box update

World's 1st RDA 8851A Support

World's 1st RDA 8851A REALL READ Flash Support

World's 1st RDA 8851A Write Flash Support
(Only one Type supported Rest will add in Next week)
RDA 8851A other box also can read Flash but i had tested all of boxes which can read Rda 8851A Flash file is fake... there is no data in readed file. but now we can read Real Flash file. only Coders & Few Expert Users will know what i am saying here

Recap !!

VolcanoBox V1.7.9 Can make any Samsung & LG UART cables even C3303K,S7070 etc.

VolcanoBox Worlds 1st Working As Samsung Force Download mode clip...

VolcanoBox v1.7.8 Added Round 45 Exclusive Flash ids for Mstar Cpu & more..

!! BEST Online Unlocking Server back !!

Click here to Download VolcanoBox 1.8.0

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