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Samsung Focus 2 I667 hard reset Windows Phone 7

Samsung Focus 2 I667 hard reset Windows Phone 7

1. Press and hold the Power key to power off the phone.
2. Power up the device by pressing the Camera key + Volume down key and Power key .

When the device vibrates, release the Power key, but continue pressing the Camera and Volume down keys.
Once the device displays the Are you sure you want to format? screen, release the Camera and Volume down
Note: If the download mode screen displays, go back to Step 1 and try again.

3. Press the Window key to Format the device. "Are you sure you want to format?" will appeare
The message Formatting will erase all your personal content and restore the factory settings. Do you want to continue? displays.

4. Press the Window key again to confirm that you want to format the device.
Warning! Important! Do not remove the battery while formatting your phone.
Wait until the device switches on and displays the Home screen.
After formatting is complete, the Start-up Wizard screen displays.

or There is another way to reset, or format, your phone.

Formatting a Windows Phone 7
Normally, if you want to reset your phone to the factory default settings:
From the Home screen, touch âž” Settings âž” system âž” about âž” reset your phone.

Note: Formatting erases all user data stored on the device.

Use this method to hard reset your Samsung Focus 2 I667: Enter *2767*3855#. Warning! All your data including contacts, messages etc. will be lost! Copy all your necessary data/Contacts/Messages etc. to SIM or make backup to your PC before full reset! Take out SIM card before full reset.

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